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My name is Josh Crill, and I have been treating pain and balancing bodies since 1997.  As a practicing clinician in Loveland, Colorado, my goal is to help you find freedom from pain!  The quest to becoming the expert has spanned over 60,000 sessions.  

Strength As Medicine was founded on the premise that with a little education and some common sense guidance, people could manage their pain patterns in the comfort of their own home without the need for medical intervention.  

  • ​Over 60,000 sessions performed since 1997

  • ​National Educator & Lecturer

  • ​96% positive outcomes

I live and practice in beautiful Loveland, Colorado with my wife Jacki and our 4 kids.  Our oldest is serving in the USAF, our second is working on a large dam project in Northern Colorado, and the other 2 are leading the way through their respective schools.  Jacki is a registered nurse on both the ICU/CVCU floors and also works Interventional Radiology. As a family, we play hard and enjoy life to the fullest!

Family photo 9-22.jpg

Why the Phoenix? 


First, I was born in the valley of the sun, Phoenix Arizona.  


Second, when you are in pain you can get pretty low.  The outlook is poor, and hope can be lost. 


Strength As Medicine burns that notion to the ground and gives you the tools to allow a new pain-free life to begin.  


The symbolic Phoenix is our opportunity to overcome ANY obstacle.  

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